Practical Binary Analysis

Stop manually analyzing binary! Practical Binary Analysis is the first book of its kind to present advanced binary analysis topics, such as binary instrumentation, dynamic taint analysis, and symbolic execution, in an accessible way. After an introduction on the basics of binary formats, disassembly, and code injection, you'll dive into more complex subjects, and by the end of the book, you'll be able to build your own binary analysis tools. Practical Binary Analysis will help interested people become well-rounded binary analysts, who are capable of developing and exploring new ideas on their own.

Practical Binary Analysis is now available for pre-order! It covers all major binary analysis topics in an accessible way, from binary formats, disassembly, and basic analysis to advanced techniques like binary instrumentation, taint analysis, and symbolic execution. The final version is scheduled to be released in September 2018. A provisional table of contents is available here.

Cover of Practical Binary Analysis. Table of contents.

Virtual Machine

The book comes with a virtual machine that contains all the examples and software. You can download it from this torrent. The username and password for the VM are both “binary”. To use the VM you'll need VirtualBox. You can also download just the example code.


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Author Bio

Dennis Andriesse has a Ph.D. in system and network security and uses binary analysis daily in his research. He is one of the main contributors to PathArmor, a Control-Flow Integrity system which defends against control-flow hijacking attacks such as ROP. Some of his research on binary analysis has been integrated into Binary Ninja. Andriesse was also one of the attack developers involved in the takedown of the GameOver Zeus P2P botnet. Find his academic website here.